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Day 12: Workshop 1

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

A couple of days ago a rumour was floating around that we would be putting on a workshop on our second day in Rwanda....and surprise! We put on a workshop on Saturday! Friday night, after our busy day of visiting schools, we put our heads together to design and prepare our Saturday workshop. We chose to present topics on "implementing hooks at the beginning of class", "professional learning communities", "daily physical activity", and "consolidation activities and strategies". 42 participants joined us from 6 schools in the area. Despite some nerves and some last minute planning, the workshop was incredibly successful and enjoyed by Canadians and Rwandans alike. Below are some words from my fellow travellers on what they took away from the workshop:

"To see the smiles and get hugs from many of the participants at the end of the event is a moment to forever cherish." -Hakeem S.

"Welcoming government school teachers on a Saturday showed their personal commitments to teaching. It inspired me to work harder to bring pride and recognition to their profession." -Jane C.

"My favourite part hands down was seeing everyone’s smile after they got their certificate!" -Kyle S.

"Saturday was a wonderful opportunity to connect with eager teachers in Kigali. Their passion for student learning and wellbeing was very evident throughout the day. I appreciated their enthusiasm to learn and participate in our workshops. It made it a great experience for all." -Jessica P.

"At the beginning everyone seemed a little apprehensive about what was going to happen and what they were going to learn. But as the day went on I saw real connections form between teachers from Canada and Rwanda. The ability to unite around a common goal of education was very " -Carolyn C.

"The workshop in Rwanda was a good reminder that to reach a big goal, small steps need to happen. In Canada, sometimes I feel like I’m constantly failing because I’m never taking big steps to reach my goals. Being with the teachers here were a great reminder that small change is progress in the bigger picture. It was something I really enjoyed." -Brittany S.

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