• Glynis Perrett

Day 1: Hit the ground running...

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

We woke up this morning with plans to visit a school or two and meet the former minister of education in Tanzania before taking the afternoon off to recover from jet lag and get our feet back underneath us. However, even before we left for 'Centre for Education Plus" School, our plan flew out the window.

We ended up having a packed but amazing day at both schools we visited. The hospitality of the staff was incredible and getting to watch the teachers in action was such an amazing opportunity. We danced and sang with the kids, played soccer, chatted with the students and teachers nd toured the beautiful school campuses. Despite some obvious differences between the schools we saw today and those we are used to back home in Canada (primarily the openness of the classrooms to the outside and the much better incorporation of nature within the school buildings and on campus), the similarities were far greater. The Tanzanian students are just like any Canadian child. The teachers are just like any Canadian teacher. This is the power of get to see first hand that people, no matter where you are from, are all fundamentally the same.

After a busy school day we managed to find a beach and swim off the stresses of the past several weeks.

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