• Glynis Perrett

Day 2: off to the Embassy

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

Today started with a visit to the Canadian embassy in Dar es Salaam. This certainly was a first for most of us! We dressed up in our travel finest and Ubered to the Embassy. All technology was taken from us (including head phones!) And our names were scanned. Once inside I felt like I was home. Trudeau was on the wall, Canadian rocks graced a corner of the building and the air smelled like a Canadian government building.

The 1MT and Queen's university group here in Tanzania filed into a board room where we had the privilege to meet the trade commissioner and discuss opportunities for Education support in Tanzania through 1MT. When Hakeem and Jane Chin discussed the organization's goals and plans for building a community of educators in South Saharan Africa I was even more inspired and honoured to be here with them.

In the afternoon some of us took it easy by the pool to recover from the jet lag, while others ventured to a local market. Eventually we reunited (everything takes a long time here!) and we then enjoyed a poolside BBQ put on by our hotel. We certainly have been spoiled this trip!!

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